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Lawn grid

Grass pavers are principally new elements of land improvement widely used in everyday life. They are utilized for access roads and parking lots, parking areas and also for golf courses. Grass pavers are aesthetically attractive and environmentally safe alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete covering.

Grass pavers protect slopes and roadsides from erosion, reinforce them and stabilize the soil. At the same time, facilitating moisture circulation the pavers do not let the soil dry out. Modular honeycomb structure ensures easy installation, stability of the equipment and transportation simplicity. At the same time, the lawn surface fitted with paver is green for hundred percents and can bear serious loads.        

Concrete grass pavers produced by means of vibro-compaction have certain advantages in comparison with similar items made of other materials.

Concrete grass pavers are heavier and stronger what make them applicable for use on complex and loose soil, sloping terrain or collapsible soil areas. They ensure the best drain of moisture on such areas. Besides, these pavers are irreplaceable on locations with high traffic flow. For example, concrete pavers are completely irreplaceable while developing parking lots or equipping locations where heavy vehicles drive through.  

Furthermore, concrete grass pavers do not require ground preparation and can be installed without tamper. Concrete pavers protect the soil from excessive moisture and drying out, pedestrians and tires – from bogging down. They serve as safe fencing and fortification for any territories whether it is a spot near residential building, parking lot or walking area.       



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